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Display various information of your Smartphone(Tablet) on SmartWatch2 SW2.System requirements:- SmartWatch2 SW2 hardware- SmartWatch2 SW2 application( Smart Connect application(
Displayable Features:- Current month/day/weekday/time.- Wi-Fi status(enable/disable) & Signal level.- 3G/LTE Status & Signal level.- Main RAM usage.- SDcard/Internal storage usage.- Battery Left & Temperature.
Instant Setting Features(Swipe smartwatch2 screen to call setting interface):- Wi-Fi status(enable/disable) selectable.- Sound mode(Normal/Vibration/mute) selectable.
Design Features:- 8 skin variation(will be added later).
keyword:information deck , configulation panel , status , setting
(SmartPhone Ver)
LiveWare extension for SmartWatch 2Smart Connect extension for Control APISmart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2